Working with Schools

Wavelength Psychology understands the complexities and challenges which face schools when helping and supporting children and young people to develop and to achieve. Our flexible and bespoke packages are therefore designed with the individual needs of schools in mind.

For example we are able to undertake individual casework which may involve observation, direct work and assessment in relation to aspects of thinking, reasoning, learning and attainment. It can also involve consultation with parents and school staff and attendance at meetings which require a psychological perspective. In particular, Wavelength Psychology is committed to working closely with school staff to develop, review and evaluate interventions and strategies.

We can offer work with individuals and groups over several sessions using therapeutic approaches, in response to issues associated with social skill development, emotional development and behaviour. Wavelength Psychology recognises that empowering school staff to address issues within school and to develop their knowledge in relation to areas of child development, learning and attainment is an effective way of working. We are therefore able to offer:

  • Staff drop in sessions.
  • Work with groups of staff and whole staff teams to reflect on practice, problem-solve and to identify specific ways of making positive changes within school.
  • Bespoke training packages on request and in relation to a wide range of topics such as learning, working memory, emotional development, and various learning needs.

Developing positive home-school relationships and effective communication between the key adults within the lives of children and young people is important. We can also offer work with parents and communities such as parent drop in sessions, consultation and workshop groups. We believe in a joined up approach involving parents and school staff, target setting and review.

By applying psychology we add another dimension to the processes of understanding, developing and learning alongside children and young people.

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Working with Parents and Guardians

Wavelength Psychology believes in responding to clients’ needs in an individual way, and to empower others who have the closest relationships with children and young people. In particular we offer a service to parents and guardians who have questions and concerns about their child’s:

  • Thinking and learning
  • Attainment
  • Emotional development or emotional needs
  • Social skill development and communication
  • Behaviour

Wavelength Psychology believes that the perceptions, thoughts and experiences of children and young people are our starting point if we are to make positive changes and move forward. With this in mind we work directly with parents, guardians, children and young people in a number of ways to develop an understanding of strengths, areas of need, and to make sense of behaviour.

Working together with key adults, we aim to step into the shoes of children and young people to explore the ways in which they perceive themselves, their relationships with others, and their experiences. We are also able to offer direct work with children and young people over a period time in response to specific concerns and issues which have been identified by parents or guardians.